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Digital Advertising: The building block that boosts your exposure

Digital advertising is one of the best ways to boost your exposure with laser-focused precision. But instead of being a single tool or tactic, it includes a range of services all focused on the same goal: amplifying your exposure and encouraging action. 

So, where do you start? Today, we’ll introduce you to digital advertising as an essential building block of every truly powerful digital marketing strategy, providing some helpful definitions, and recommendations on where to begin. 

Digital Advertising & Your Small Business: The Great Equalizer

For small and independent businesses, digital marketing is the great equalizer.  While traditional forms of advertising like media buys and print ads can be hard to track and prohibitively expensive, the beauty of digital advertising is how it can level the playing field. 

The precise targeting and flexibility of digital advertising empower you to stand toe-to-toe with your biggest competitors when it comes to your marketing.  Whether you’re going it alone or you already have a Marketing Expert in your corner – this boils down to two powerful advantages: 

Unlike a television or newspaper ad, digital advertising lets you reach the people who are actively researching or comparing products and services. This is what we call In-Market Audience Targeting and unlike the “shotgun shell” approach of more traditional advertising, it’s one of the best ways digital advertising helps small businesses compete with the advertising of your biggest competitors while keeping costs low (and ROI high).

Are we targeting the right audience? Is our message the right one? How many people are we reaching? Is this worth it?  These are questions every business has when they advertise. With digital advertising – they’re all questions that can be answered easily. 

Ever feel like you don’t have the time to compete online?

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Getting started with digital advertising

Display ads:

Promote your business through eye-catching and creative banner ads across the web with geo-targeting, competitor targeting, keyword targeting, and more.

Retargeting ads:

Target just the customers that have already visited your website with an invitation to come back and take advantage of a special offer. Retargeting ads give you a valuable second-chance to re-engage.

Social media ads:

Social media advertising is growing a every year. Why? Because every year, more people use social media. Like it or not: it’s where a majority of your customers spend their time online, and can be a powerful advertising tool for any industry. Paid ads, promoted posts, and sponsored stories are all popular ways to create exposure and action from the people you’re focused on with social media.

Search engine marketing (“Pay per click”):

Pay per click (or PPC) ensures your business makes the short-list when potential customers look for your products, services, or expertise. With PPC ads you only pay when you get a click.

Where to Start

It’s also helpful to remember that while digital advertisements can come in a variety of formats, they’re delivered by an even wider variety of channels – each with their own advantages. Today, we’ll introduce the two that are the most successful. 

While many small or local business owners feel that effective and modern marketing is simply out of grasp, digital marketing knocks down the barriers. For many business owners, Facebook and Google can be the wrecking ball. While search engine exposure and social media are powerful in their own right, as a digital advertising platform that power is multiplied. This will often make Facebook and Google the best starting places for your digital advertising.

  • Both platforms offer a wide variety of formats
  • Both platforms give you access to a massive audience
  • Both platforms let you carefully target your customer based on demographics, browsing history, location, and much more

“Which digital advertising solution is the best?”

If you’re weighing your options for digital advertising. It’s important to view each format and each platform as complementary – not in opposition to one another.

To learn more about how your business can maximize the impact of digital advertising, we recommend chatting with your Marketing Expert for informed recommendations on how to make any advertising budget work smarter and harder. 

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Google can’t be ignored

Google is the largest search network in the world, and consumers use it every single day to search for local businesses. Utilizing Google’s massive network capabilities, digital advertisers are able to find ideal prospects and get in front of users looking for their products/services.

It’s no secret that search engines are the first stop for customers looking for answers. Digital advertising on Google makes sure they find yours

Why it’s a good choice for your business

Advertising on Google is flexible. The ability to fine-tune your audience targeting and your budget makes it a big win for small businesses and their budgets.


83% of U.S. shoppers who visited a store in the last week say they used online search first

Facebook is a marketers dream

Did you know the average person spends nearly 35 minutes every day on Facebook, and the average millennial can’t go 5 hours without taking a peek? When you combine this with the audience targeting capabilities that make Facebook a marketer’s dream, it’s no surprise that over 6 million advertisers took advantage of it to reach their target market. This is all a testament to how effective it’s been to help businesses get noticed  in a busy marketplace. 

Why it’s a good choice for your business

The ability to target users by interests, behaviors, age, gender, location, and just about anything on their profile (including job title) helps make it one of the best tools for your business.

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