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Are you making the most of Facebook Advertising?

How Facebook Ads can help you close more sales, more quickly

We know where your ideal customers are, and we know how to reach them. With mobile marketing through platforms like Facebook, the ability to carefully and cheaply target advertisements to them is almost too powerful to pass up.

You might have a tried and trusted direct mail campaign, great POP signage, and you may even send out a promotional email every now and then. Print and email are great vehicles for generating awareness and sales, but if you really want to make an impact you can’t ignore Mobile, either.

Let’s look at the facts. Today, people check their phones a lot. According to one study, it happens as many as 96 times a day – at least once every 10 minutes (source). With one out of every three mobile minutes being spent on Facebook, creating a Facebook advertising strategy can easily help you reach your customers where they’re already spending time online. At the same time, it can be a streamlined way to dip your toes into mobile advertising.

The basics of Facebook Advertising

Facebook makes it incredibly easy to reach customers across different channels and devices, because today’s customer journey is complex. Customers have more access to more options, from more brands and businesses right at their fingertips. They also have ads being targeted at them for competitive products as well as new discounts products or services they may have looked at yesterday.

Facebook advertising is powerful because it can help you reach your goals in every stage of the customer journey from awareness to transaction, and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign to quickly shift directions or double-down on your strategy. Most of all, Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities help you narrow down your audience and find new leads that resemble your best customers. 

There are a variety of ads you can choose from to help you reach your mobile-first marketing goals. Whether you want to drive awareness of a brand, increase consideration of a product, or drive B2B conversions, a Facebook ad can help you get there. Let’s look at how… 

Types of Facebook Ads

1. Carousel ads

Best for:

B2C and B2B businesses looking to drive brand awareness and sales.

What it is:

A carousel ad allows you to display up to 10 images or videos within a single ad – each with its own link.

What it does:

This type of ad works great if you want to explain a process, show different angles of the same product, or highlight multiple products. Not selling a product or service? Use a carousel ad to promote an event, or drive brand awareness with links to your website or scheduler.

How to get started:

Carousel ads are easy to set up and customize within Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll need to set up a new ad by defining your campaign objectives, budget/schedule, target audience, placements, and optimization & delivery. Once you’re ready to customize your ad, you can use images and videos you already have, or you can use stock images/videos.

See how Air France showcased potential trips to one searcher with a carousel ad? Your business could do the same to demonstrate a product or tell a story. 

If using video, design your ad assuming that it will be viewed without audio

2. The Facebook Pixel

Take your ads to the next level and “Follow” your website visitors with Facebook ads
Best for:

All businesses with a website and paid advertising campaigns.

What it is:

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.

What it does:

The Facebook pixel tracks “events” that occur on your website, such as adding an item to cart, making a purchase, submitting an application, visiting an important page, and more. The Facebook pixel tracks all of this important information, and shows retargeted ads to the visitor on Facebook and anywhere across the web that uses Facebook ads to fill their advertising white space. These ads can be customized depending on where the customer is in the customer journey – making them much more effective for converting sales than a boosted post or static advertisement.

How to get started:

If you have access to your website code, you can add this to the backend of your website yourself or you can send the snippet of code over to your web developer who can easily add it for you. Once you get started with Facebook advertising, you can grab the code from your Facebook Ads Manager.

3. Lead Ads:

An easy way to generate new leads from your Facebook ads
Best for:

B2C and B2B businesses with big ticket items

What it is:

A mobile-friendly form that auto-populates with the user’s contact info so it’s ready to send to you in just a few clicks.

What it does:

Lead Ads allow you to ask your target audience tailored questions about their preferences, so you can be prepared with the right information to close quickly.

How to get started:

The steps to create a Lead Ad on Facebook are fairly straightforward. It’s a good idea to have someone from your legal team review the questions you plan to use on your ad. You’ll also need the URL for your organization’s privacy policy to include in your form.

Lead ads can be used for quite a lot. From scheduling a “test drive” or demo to collecting an email address.

4. Facebook Shops *NEW*

Create a free digital store to reach more customers
Best for:

B2C, Retail, E-commerce businesses looking to expand their reach

What it is:

Facebook Shops is a new digital storefront for customers to shop through Facebook and Instagram. Shops are free for business owners and they are fully customizable.

What it does:

Connect with customers via chat to answer questions, offer support, and more. Facebook Shops lets customers shop for a product or service without ever having to leave the app.

How to get started:

You’ll first need to set up a shop in the Commerce Manager, then you can build collections and customize your shop to reflect your store or brand. You can use an existing catalog or set up a new one that works across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook gives a simple overview and links to all resources here.

By now you probably realize that Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach customers at every stage of the buying process. The great thing about this platform is it’s constantly evolving to be easier and more accessible for local businesses, so it doesn’t take much to see real results. We hope this helped you get excited about the potential of paid advertising! 

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